Mitch Daher

Board Member & Co-Founder

Mitch Daher is a co-founder of Denali Advanced Integration’s parent company 3MD Inc. In addition to being a founding member, Mitch is also a key contributor on the board of directors for Denali.

Mitch began his career at the semi-conductor company Micron Technology, Inc. as an R&D engineer. He quickly established himself as a rising star in the organization and obtained numerous patents in the semi-conductor industry. As an engineer, Mitch was always in pursuit of new challenges, so he leveraged his successes, connections and abilities to follow a path of entrepreneurship.

In 1992, in addition to launching Denali with his brothers Alex and Majdi, he also started Atlas Pallets in Nampa, Idaho. Atlas Pallets was a warehouse logistics company that manufactured pallets to help expedite shipping and facilitate commerce. Mitch also has a track-record of acquiring businesses and making them profitable. After improving operations to increase efficiency and revenue, Mitch sold Grantwood Doors and Cabinets in 2005, a once struggling business in Caldwell, Idaho to focus on building a real estate portfolio.

Mitch’s passion for real estate began in 2008, when acting on behalf of the Daher family, he acquired a stake in an information service for investors and helped navigate the company and its’ clients through various challenges during the economic recession. Today, Mitch oversees several real-estate businesses with a diverse portfolio that is among the most prominent in the Pacific Northwest.

Mitch currently lives with his wife and daughter in Boise, Idaho although he finds himself in Seattle on a regular basis. Their son is currently enrolled at University of San Diego. Daher graduated from the University of Portland in 1989 with a degree in Electrical Engineering.

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