Denali is an Apple Authorized Enterprise Reseller. We create end-to-end mobility solutions that transform the way our customers do business globally. Our expertise in managed mobile services paired with Apple’s innovative technology allows for an exceptional customer experience.

Partnering to Deliver Customer-First Value

Denali partners with Apple as an Authorized Enterprise Reseller to provide an enhanced level of support with their Apple technology:

  • Mac® Employee Choice
  • Apple Authorized Service Provider
  • Device Enrollment in Apple Business Manager
  • AppleCare+® & AppleCare for Enterprise
  • Apple Financial Services
  • Apple Professional Services

Award-Winning Managed Mobile Services

Denali’s Managed Mobility Services encompass the full lifecycle of your technology investments:

  • Procurement
  • Configuration & Integration Services
  • App Development
  • Activation & Deployment
  • Mobile Device Management & Administration
  • Lifecycle Management & Monitoring
  • 24×7 Help Desk & Support


Productivity runs in the family

No matter which Mac® you choose, you get incredible performance, built-in security features, and the world’s most advanced OS—all so you can do your best work.


Ready for business like no other iPhone®.

The fastest, smartest chip in a smartphone. Amazing battery life.* And built-in tools for productivity in iOS 16®. iPhone 14® and iPhone 14 Pro® let you stay productive anywhere.


Built for the modern business world

With great performance, a portable design, and the productivity features in iPadOS®, iPad® lets you get to work, wherever you go.

Taking In-Flight Innovation and Efficiency to New Heights

Mobile devices enable flight attendants to perform flight management, safety tasks and onboard sales more easily, increasing operational efficiency and revenues. The devices can also host purpose-built software applications that automate other functions previously carried out manually.

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