Denali collaborates with AWS to provide end-to-end automation capabilities to the Enterprise as a global operational technology systems Integrator. Denali enables companies to quickly deploy a fully supported vision-based defect detection solution that uses machine learning to provide reliable quality inspection in a more efficient and productive environment.

Automation As A Service

Denali’s fully supported, end-to-end automation solution powered by AWS eliminates the need for businesses to deal with the complexities of integrating and deploying automation in their environment. We reduce the time to benefit, lower cost of capex investments, and maintain products in the environment to the highest standards for optimal uptime and throughput.

Quality Inspection on the Edge

Denali’s quality inspection powered by Amazon Lookout for Vision uses trained models at the edge to identify visual defects in products with no latency to the cloud resulting in less downtime and lower costs.

Production Line Changeover

Denali’s automated quality inspection solution powered by Amazon Lookout for Vision optimizes production line changeovers by streamlining the inspection process, minimizing downtime, and facilitating seamless transitions between different product configurations or setups.

Lower Costs

Denali’s automated quality inspection on the Edge powered by Amazon Lookout for Vision drives cost savings in labor and materials.

Customer Satisfaction

The Denali and AWS solutions ability to accurately detect defects, provide compliance with specifications, and maintain high standards throughout production gives customers reliable and defect-free products

Production Quality

Together, we enable customers to consistently deliver high-quality products and minimize the risk of faulty items reaching the market.

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