Global IT Solutions in Healthcare

Denali provides world-class healthcare solutions that can help you reduce operational costs, improve patient care and deliver optimal provider services while meeting your security and HIPAA requirements. Whether you need a streamlined patient portal or are interested in staff productivity, we help hospitals and health systems integrate advanced technology solutions that contribute to improving the overall patient experience.

Healthcare Use Cases – Featuring Zebra Technologies

One Care Device

Consolidating to a single device can reduce stress and improve the overall effectiveness of the team. Denali, partnered with Zebra, provide a turn-key mobile solution using a single Zebra device focused on patient care that reduces hardware and management spend while ensuring secure connectivity to your business applications and processes..

RFID Scanning

Access accurate patient information with a quick scan of a wristband. The technology backed by Zebra allows for easier communication and smoother operations, resulting in quicker turnaround of rooms and patients. Plus, the devices’ barcode scanner allows instant patient identification for speedier care delivery. The robust Zebra devices – supported by the
device warranty and in partnership with Denali – have also led to a reduction in overhead costs.

Enhanced Patient Care and Worker Productivity

Empower users with intuitive mobile access, rapid onboarding and 24/7 support. Patients can use the devices to conveniently and accurately order and receive meals direct to their bedside, as well as to speak to nurses when needed with Zebra’s Push-to-Talk technology.

Building a Better Human Experience with Denali’s Managed Mobility Solutions for Healthcare

Transform Clinical Processes

Reshape working practices and launch mobility innovations faster.

Streamline Device Procurement

Simplify and standardize mobile device procurement and deployment.

Manage Mobility Assets

Govern device configuration and lifecycle processes to boost security and reduce support costs.

Enhance the User Experience

Empower users with intuitive mobile access, rapid onboarding and 24/7 support.

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