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Dedicated to delivering comprehensive services and solutions that help Fortune 500 companies achieve enterprise transformation across Information and Operational Technology environments. As a trusted partner, we are committed to providing solutions that drive innovation and deliver business outcomes.

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A robotic arm sorting parts as part of a manufacturing automation partnership between Denali and Universal Robots.

Denali Announces Partnership with Universal Robots

Why Work
with Denali


Our customized design process begins right where our customers are. We provide a roadmap demonstrating how we manage the complexities of digital transformation, hybrid and emerging technologies within operational technology environments coupled with IT needs and challenges.

Denali brings these two worlds together and helps customers leverage technology in the most efficient way.

End-to-End Services Model

As a service-led, software supported and hardware-enabled technology integrator, Denali brings consulting and design together with execution to deliver solutions that accelerate time to value for our customers.

Denali’s end-to-end solutions include site survey, design & engineering, enterprise application development, integration, configuration, installation & training, monitoring, maintenance & support.

Global Scale

Our global capability and scale, with integration and support facilities in the US, UK, Europe, India and APAC, allows Denali to support and enable large enterprises to set global standards that can be deployed and managed across their network, anywhere in the world.

What We Do

Industrial Automation

Power up your people, cut down busywork, and make every dollar invested more valuable with automation throughout your environment.

Digital Services

Manage, migrate, and integrate data to improve processes, lower costs, and leverage analytics in mitigating risk and enabling real-time decision making through your digital transformation.

Security and Cyber Security

With Zero-Trust Cyber-Security solutions leveraging continuous monitoring with micro-segmentation and encryption, threats can be rapidly detected and contained.

Enterprise Applications & Data

Accelerate and scale your business with next-generation innovation in software development.

IT Services

Optimize your enterprise environment through business and technical expertise to manage technology investments to drive strategic business outcomes.

Cloud & Data Center

Leverage enterprise class computing and storage technologies using a flexible approach tailored to optimize cost, prevent downtime and recover data quickly while deploying a hyper-converged infrastructure.


Manage and share digital resources across a system architecture to improve accessibility, reliability and integrity of data.

Workplace Solutions

Help your business succeed in any work environment, with IT solutions to enable remote, on-site, and hybrid workers to coordinate and collaborate wherever they are in the world.

We Serve


From the procurement of raw materials to the machinery on the assembly line, to the real-time changes to products based on data from the sales department, IT is the answer. Our global solutions for manufacturing will help you achieve a new level of efficiency.

Transportation & Logistics

Keep up with the nature of global transportation, increase the speed of delivery, reduce the cost of operations, and more with our streamlined IT/OT services that help you meet your bottom line.


Whether you need a streamlined patient portal or are interested in staff productivity, we help hospitals and health systems integrate advanced technology solutions like IoT and integrated networks that contribute to improving the overall patient experience.

Software & Technology

Denali AI brings industry-leading expertise in the form of our Sure Path Advantage – SurePA – customer success practice. We partner with our customers to identify cost efficiencies and maximize ROI for all software assets and services contacts.


Whether you’re an established banking institution or a fintech startup, we can help you develop and deliver innovative data automation and other solutions that meet your unique needs.


It’s proven that shoppers will always return to the retailer that provides the greatest customer satisfaction. Leveraging innovative technology that is intuitive and exciting will increase the overall customer experience.


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