Global Solutions in Telecommunication

The global Telecommunication Industry has become and important provider of B2C and B2B products and solutions.. Not only are they providing utility-type communications, but they are enabling new and innovative use cases across a variety of verticals.

Consumer mobility, home internet services and device analytics around home automation, coupled with global enterprise connectivity and Private Networking are all required to enable transformational business outcomes with edge computing, manufacturing, AI/ML and cyber-security. Denali’s capabilities complement Telecommunications business initiatives to deliver solutions for Network Infrastructure, IT Security, IT Operations & Support, End-User devices, Cloud Infrastructure, Data analytics / AI, Data Centers and Application development services and our joint go-to-market activities promise to continue transforming the way our clients consume and leverage technology to change the world.

World-Class Telecommunication Solutions


Create custom solutions that reduce overhead, such as inventory that checks itself in and out of cloud systems automatically, trackers that report on fleet availability in real-time, and more.

Digital Services

Manage, migrate, and integrate data to improve processes, lower costs, and leverage analytics in mitigating risk and enabling real-time decision making through your digital transformation.

Security & Cyber Security

Focus on the financials, and let the experts focus on IT issues, whether it’s cleaning up discrepancies or building brand new platforms or applications that help take your financial services organization to the next level.

Enterprise Applications & Data

Not everyone needs to work within your institution’s walls—enable efficient workforce collaboration anytime, anywhere while keeping data secure.

IT Services

Optimize your enterprise environment through business and technical expertise to manage technology investments to drive strategic business outcomes.

Cloud & Data Center

Leverage enterprise class computing and storage technologies using a flexible approach tailored to optimize cost, prevent downtime and recover data quickly while deploying a hyper-converged infrastructure.


Manage and share digital resources across a system architecture to improve accessibility, reliability and integrity of data.

Workplace Solutions

Help your business succeed in any work environment, with IT solutions to enable remote, on-site, and hybrid workers to coordinate and collaborate wherever they are in the world.

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