Erez Yarkoni

Chief Revenue Officer

I am a Technology executive passionate about building businesses fueled by technology. I have deep experience with software development, Product Development, Operations, business development, sales, and marketing.

I have served as BU president, CIO, and strategy executive. I have experience building compute infrastructure and networking stacks that are productized and monetized. I also have vast experience building the management and commerce software stacks required to monetize the infrastructure.

Other skills I have acquired over time are:

● Strategy and Planning as a CIO and Corporate strategy executive at T-mobile, Telstra, and Apptio
● Large P&L and budget management – $1B as T-mobile CIO, $2B as Telstra CIO and head of the cloud BU, $1B as Amdocs President
● GTM (Sales and Marketing) strategy and execution at Apptio, Check Point, and Karat.
● Operations and program/project management as a CIO
● Product development at Amdocs, BoldIQ, and Check Point.
● Alliances and Channel Management at Check Point.
● Domain expertise in infrastructure, networks, and cyber security from T-mobile, Telstra, and Check Point.

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