Security & Cyber Security

Businesses around the globe are facing an influx of ransomware attacks resulting in increasing remediation costs. With Denali’s Zero-Trust cyber-security solutions leveraging continuous monitoring with microsegmentation and encryption, threats can be rapidly detected and contained, eliminating the lateral traversal of malware / ransomware across the network.

Denali’s approach to implementing a Zero-Trust Cyber-Security framework includes the discovery, fingerprinting and continuous monitoring of all devices on the network, the tracking and validation of any detected anomalies, and remediation including patching, encryption and microsegmentation to isolate and eliminate new threats.

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Security & Cyber Security Solutions

Critical Asset Protection

Every business has an increased risk of cyber-attacks caused by vulnerable systems that operate and communicate with business-critical systems. Denali will secure access to your primary systems utilizing a Zero-trust framework with microsegmentation that protects Robots, scanners, autonomous guided vehicles, and IoT/IoMT devices to ensure they can continuously communicate and operate as required.

Securing Your Internal Network

Guest traffic via WiFi can pose a risk from both malicious users attempting to penetrate the network, as well as the unintentional spread of malware from infected users who attach to your internal network. Denali will protect your internal networks by isolating the riskand confining Guest WiFi traffic to a secure tunnel outside the Firewall which will protect your internal network security while providing a good user-experience.

Secure Your Building Facilities

Every enterprise has Operational Technology that wasn’t meant to be co-mingled with Information Technology systems. Denali will eliminate common and opten overlooked entry points by “air-gapping” your building facilities:

  • HVAC
  • Video Surveillance
  • Door locks / Smart key / Badge readers
  • Fire alarms / Smoke Alarms / Sensors

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