Improving Patient Experiences with Transformative Mobile Technology


In today’s healthcare sector, mobile technology is critical in ensuring operational efficiency, safety, and patient
care. For frontline staff, mobile devices now host the applications they need to carry out their vital – often life-saving
– day-to-day tasks.

When the leading pediatric healthcare provider in North Texas needed to refresh its existing mobile solutions,
Denali stepped up to deliver. Denali enabled the delivery of a mobile solution that met the provider’s goal
of expansion with hosted, native, and web-based applications, and deployed the mobile devices capable of
withstanding hospital-grade sanitation.

The pediatric healthcare provider raised its levels of staff satisfaction and productivity, process efficiency, innovation
and patient care.

Providing top-tier health services for over 100 years, the health care provider is
one of the largest and most prestigious pediatric health care providers in America.
Consistently recognized by U.S. News and World Report as one of the best
pediatric healthcare providers in the country, the care facility is a leader in
life-changing treatments, innovative technology and ground-breaking research.
The provider needed a new mobile solution as soon as possible, both to ensure
day-to-day tasks continued smoothly and to continue raising its leading care
delivery standards.


The provider’s current devices – aging wireless phones that had reached end-of-life – were causing frustration. Replacing
parts such as batteries had become increasingly difficult, and repair solutions hard to find. Added to which, updates had
made the devices unusable, and vendor service had become unavailable.

At the same time, the provider was struggling with its inefficient and unproductive mobile technology, and wanted to
streamline its working processes. Nurses currently needed four separate devices to conduct workflow, none of which were
integrated, creating a clunky, inefficient communications environment. The provider wanted to consolidate its approach so
that nurses and staff only had to use one device to access all required applications.

With scanning devices that did not function reliably – requiring information to be entered manually – and device battery life
that did not support a full shift, critical time that should have been directed to patient care was being wasted. The fact that
staff were unable to carry out their jobs effectively added to the frustration.


For the healthcare provider, turning to Denali proved
to be the best option. Denali’s customer-centric and
consultative approach enabled the care facility to
not only solve their current challenges with outdated
devices, but also to take their patient care to the
next level.

Denali’s mobility expertise meant it was one of the
few providers with accreditation to provide both Cisco
and Zebra’s Workforce Connect (WFC) solutions. In
implementing Zebra’s solution, Denali ensured the
supply chain was in place, handled device purchasing,
and obtained volume discounting from Zebra to pass
on cost savings to the healthcare provider.


The combined Denali and Zebra solution reduced frustration and fatigue for many frontline workers – from nurses and doctors to food services and housekeeping.
Everybody now has the device and applications they need to carry out their work, all on a single device that collapses voice, call control, and Push-to-talk while also integrating Vocera badges.

Devices are now always charged and ready-to-use, while better communication between employees and patients relieves previous frustrations caused by bottlenecks and siloed information.


devices deployed


months to complete project


members of staff equipped

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