Food Delivery Provider Case Study


IT solutions provider Denali helps clients succeed in the face of complex technology challenges. Its capabilities were put to the test by an
ambitious direct-to-door, last-mile food delivery client that was expanding its business across the nation and the world.
Denali came onboard as the client’s new systems integrator, tasked with
developing and implementing a mobile solution set that was extremely reliable and scalable — all on an extremely tight table. The client’s success, supported by the solution designed and implemented by Denali, surpassed all expectations.


Enhancing the Customer Experience With a Reliable Mobile Solution

Denali’s client needed tablets delivered to thousands of restaurants every month to provide plug-and-play management of food orders and deliveries. This technology set would simplify order management and affirm Denali’s direct-to-door client as a reliable, customer-friendly restaurant partner.
The frenetic pace of running a restaurant requires that technology solutions must install easily and work every time. Each restaurant relies on the direct-to-door deliverer as a vital partner who will contribute to a great experience that keeps customers coming back. Any glitch in technology can cost the restaurant future patronage.
But enabling that seamless, easy customer experience was proving problematic for Denali’s client, an ambitious new direct-to-door delivery company. The company issues a custom tablet to every restaurant to expand their takeout business, bring in new customers, and drive incremental revenue. Without a reliable, easy-to-use solution, its aggressive growth plans would be unattainable.
Previous attempts encountered one problem after another: delivery delays, tablets broken in transit, operating system inconsistencies, and technology providers that could not scale alongside the client.

The direct-to-door company needed a fresh start with a partner that checked a lot of boxes:

  • Scalability capable of shipping 2,000 devices per month and quickly scaling to more than 10,000, including international delivery points.
  • Flexibility, including the ability to add value with services such as custom boxing, to prevent damage and offer an appealing customer presentation.
  • Reliability to design a solution that captures and processes every order and delivery perfectly, every time.
  • Speed to onboard, harnessing the resources needed to move from solution design to shipping in two weeks.

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