End-Point Solutions with Apple Devices

Making transportation more reliable.

Our industry leading End-Point Device Solutions provide the ultimate in price to performance from design, to integration, to post-sale support.

Integrating the best hardware, peripherals, software, carriers and MDM creating a true end-to-end solution.

Taking in-flight efficiency to new heights with
iPhone® and iPad®

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For airlines, pilots and their cabin crew, iPhones and iPads are critical to day-to-day operational efficiency, safety, and profitability. iPhone serves as both an EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) and an in-flight POS (Point-of-Sale) tool.

When a world leading airline needed to refresh its existing flight attendant mobile solution, Denali delivered a solution with iPhones that increased efficiency and improved the passenger experience.


iPhones secured

3 months

To reach full deployment


full equipped flight attendants

the Denali team in Plano, Texas configuring mobile devices for a customer.

Apple in action.

Data Collection

iPhone and iPad paired with technology solutions have transformed the way pilots and rail engineers with daily operations by combining data and employee observations for the most accurate picture possible.

Electronic Information Management

From flight planning to railway directives, iPad with solutions has transformed processes and operations to enable timely and secure storage of critical information.

Task Management

iPhone and iPad keep everyone on track by making it easy to assign, manage, and monitor tasks from dispatch to completion.

We make it Ready.

Is your business ready to improve passenger experience by upgrading mobile end-points for maximum reliability?

Denali specializes in integrating the best hardware, peripherals, software, carriers, and device management services to create tailored end-to-end solutions.

30+ year history of supporting global Fortune 500 Enterprises in aviation, cruise and rail industries.

1 Million End-Points

Around the world are deployed and
under management by Denali.

The world’s largest carriers and companies
trust Denali for their end-point device deployments.

100+ years

Of combined team member commercial
aviation, cruise and rail experience.

Denali reduced end-point support costs by 30%

Good-bye added fees

  • Flat rate deployment
  • No pre-order fees
  • No per device usage fees

Private company benefits,
global company scale

  • Privately developed efficiency improvement tools
  • Tighter spare pool management
  • Broad solution offerings, deeper volume discounts
  • Lower PM & SA cost
  • Lower inventory storage cost
  • Lower LCM services cost
  • Reverse logistics savings


Ready for business like no other iPhone®.

The fastest, smartest chip in a smartphone. Amazing battery life.* And built-in tools for productivity in iOS 16®. iPhone 15® and iPhone 15 Pro® let you stay productive anywhere.


Built for the modern business world

With great performance, a portable design, and the productivity features in iPadOS®, iPad® lets you get to work, wherever you go.

Ready to get an enterprise IT partner for the long haul?