The Following Statement Has Been Released by Denali Advanced Integration

Federal prosecutors executed a remarkably comprehensive investigation against Michael Leeper, a former employee of Columbia Sportswear Company, for allegedly logging into Columbia’s network, without authorization, while he was employed by Denali Advanced Integration.

Today Leeper pled guilty to a felony charge of computer fraud that did not name Denali.

The U.S. Attorney’s office filed the criminal lawsuit solely against Leeper after an exhaustive investigation of Leeper and Denali by the FBI and the Department of Justice. No charges were brought against Denali, which has fully cooperated with the probe from the beginning. Denali terminated Leeper on March 14, 2017, for violating company policy.

As the criminal charge and plea confirms, Denali played no role in – nor benefited from – Leeper’s misconduct. The company takes pride in its integrity. It does not condone unfair business practices, and will not tolerate illegal conduct.

When this investigation began in 2016, Denali provided the FBI and DOJ with access to all information requested by federal authorities, including all electronic information related to Columbia, Denali’s Virtual Private Network and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, company computers, documents and log files related to the investigation. Denali founder and CEO Majdi Daher personally and voluntarily met twice with the FBI and DOJ and offered to make any Denali employees available for interviews. 

Denali remains committed to resolving all issues with Columbia in a related civil lawsuit brought by Columbia against Denali. It will continue to assist the FBI and DOJ in any way possible.

Denali’s number one priority continues to be the safety and success of its customers.  Denali has been among the most trusted and prominent technology providers in the Pacific Northwest for more than 24 years because of its care and dedication to putting customer needs first. Denali will continue to support its customers with best-in-class IT solutions while providing a superior work environment for its employees.

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