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The global impact of physical distancing has challenged and transformed many aspects of what we’ve long deemed “normal” or customary business practices. Working remotely was once considered a benefit but today it’s essential to the continued productivity, sustainability and advancement of many organizations.

It’s not a one size fits all approach when it comes to the technology your workforce needs to move forward and you need solutions designed to empower your workforce wherever they may be.

Introducing Denali Distributed Workforce solutions. A persona-based approach to enabling enterprise organizations with technology solutions that support your distributed workforce, whether remotely or in your facilities. As a leading technology integrator, Denali is working with our industry-leading technology partners to provide you with solutions that ensure the safety and well-being of your employees returning to the office environment. An empowered, connected and productive Distributed Workforce will define the “Next” normal.

Distributed Workforce Kits

Empower your remote workforce with productivity solutions based on job function and roles within your organization.

Entrance Scanning

Safeguard your employees as they Return to Office with security and temperature screening technology.

Wireless Location Services

Track current and historical locations of people and devices within your facilities.

Wearable Distancing Solutions

Ensure your people and teams follow Return to Office guidelines with wearable distancing technology that alerts your workforce in real-time.

Video Contact Tracing

Monitor and report on all historical locations of your workforce through instant contact tracing without privacy invasion.

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